Man or Astro-Man? clips from Tiki Oasis 15

This may have been my all-time favorite main stage performance at Tiki Oasis. In 2015, Man or Astro-Man? headlined the Saturday show. It was amazing. I have a handful of short clips and blurry photos - mostly the camera stayed stowed for the show. Apologies for the aspect ratio on the video clips.

Assembling a BB-8

A little while back, we went to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. I had wanted to assemble a BB-9 unit from the Droid Depot. When we first visited in June, they ran out of BB-9 parts. This time I asked first and was advised that those were not sold out. That turned out to be incorrect. So a BB-8 droid it was.

The process is fun and in the end you get a Bluetooth-Enabled, remote control droid. They respond to the environment while in Galaxy’s Edge via that Bluetooth connection, but I can’t see bringing the droid back to see it interact again. I’m still angling for a BB-9 though, and I think they respond to other droids which would be pretty cool.

Thumb’s up, would assemble again.

About RSS

If you’re an oldster like me, you may still use RSS feeds to keep up with web sites as they publish. If you’ll find the RSS link to this site up in the top navigation, as well as right here on this hyperlink. I use Feedbin to sync my RSS subscriptions and have been very happy with their service. I use Reeder on iOS and the Mac, and I hear NetNewsWire is nearing a return (it’s in beta now).

Who knows, as more and more people realize that social media is hot garbage making money off of its users, perhaps there will be a return to self-publishing. Dare to dream…